Huibo Wang, Pei Wang, Yu Ding, Mingshen Sun, Yiming Jing, Ran Duan, Long Li, Yulong Zhang, Tao Wei, and Zhiqiang Lin
Proceedings of the 2019 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security CCS '19, London, UK, November 2019.


Abstract. Intel Software Guard eXtension (SGX), a hardware supported trusted execution environment (TEE), is designed to protect security critical applications. However, it does not terminate traditional memory corruption vulnerabilities for the software running inside enclave, since enclave software is still developed with type unsafe languages such as C/C++. This paper presents RUST-SGX, an efficient and layered approach to exterminating memory corruption for software running inside SGX enclaves. The key idea is to enable the development of enclave programs with an efficient memory safe system language Rust with a RUST-SGX SDK by solving the key challenges of how to (1) make the SGX software memory safe and (2) meanwhile run as efficiently as with the SDK provided by Intel. We therefore propose to build RUST-SGX atop Intel SGX SDK, and tame unsafe components with formally proven memory safety. We have implemented RUST-SGX and tested with a series of benchmark programs. Our evaluation results show that RUST-SGX imposes little extra overhead (less than 5% with respect to the SGX specific features and services compared to software developed by Intel SGX SDK), and meanwhile have stronger memory safety.

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