I uploaded slides of my talks on various topics into Speaker Deck. If you are interested, please take a look.


Here are some projects of mine on GitHub.

  • Pass for iOS - an iOS app compatible with Password Store command line tool ( Pass for iOS is a password manager using GPG for encryption and Git for version control. The app is written in Swift, and its source code is released in GitHub under MIT license.
  • Android Apps Crawler - an extensible crawler for downloading Android applications in third-party markets.
  • Android Markets List - a list of Android apps markets including official and third-party from China, Russia, etc.
  • MesaLock Linux - a memory-safe Linux distribution.

Public Datasets

Here are some public datasets used in my research. The apps and malware samples were crawled and downloaded from official and third-party markets in different time. If you are interested, please drop me an email for the link.

  • Malware Samples in Third-Party Markets
    • Apr 2013, 2.31 GB, SHA1: aab65568afe36920df2c0f62cb3f99e397d9e39d
  • Repackaged Apps in Third-Party Markets
    • 2015, 1.05 GB, SHA1: 97cd9c911ff27c6f390605c9e87f8bd667cf8d2a
  • Top Free Apps (~500) in Google Play's "Top Charts"
    • Jun 2015, 12 GB, SHA1: 98aefc0f04f2608257a725e2dabefee15562abb5
    • Feb 2016, 11 GB, SHA1: 5132f8ed294937d95c0e4f9b9cdf06ace225d6e6
    • Apr 2016, 7.4 GB, SHA1: 9da330652a8759bad5c888c0d995dd5756104dc9