Along with your PDF manuscript (e.g., paper.pdf), create a main.tex file with the following code:


Submit main.tex and paper.pdf to arXiv. No more explanation.

Updated on Sep 3, 2018

Note that this method was invalid. (Thanks, Martin)

Dear arXiv user,

Your submission appears to be a PDFLaTeX wrapper using pdfpages. This is an inappropriate submission, as it circumvents our TeX system. As a result, we have moved your submission to "Incomplete".

Instead, please submit your TeX source. If there is a particular problem that you are encountering, please request assistance and include the specific error messages you receive, as well as your submit id.

Further submissions of this type may result in the loss of your submission privileges.

For more information about our TeX system and policies, see the following pages:



arXiv admin

However, I think you can use this idea to come up new methods to bypass the annoying check. Good luck :)